Sunday, April 12, 2009

Expanded Architectures

(another in a changing set of positions regarding terminology in the design professions)

A sketch Registration Exam for (X) Architects
(where X is, for example, information, software, building, product, solutions ...)

Are you self critical?

Do you have a coherent set of ideas that parallels production and allows you to talk about why you make the choices you make?

Are you able to position those ideas relative to the ideas of other peers and define a space for conversation or debate?

Is the task large enough that it requires a division of labor, a split between concept and execution, and the continuous maintenance of evolving consensus between multiple stakeholders?

Do you contribute to the public realm?

Do you add more to the solution of a problem beyond the simple fulfillment of the brief?

Or, in simpler terms:

self awareness & theory & discourse & consensus & community & surplus

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