Monday, October 27, 2008

SS credit 4.2 Alternative Transportation

Did you know there is one LEED credit available for the inclusion of a bike rack1 into a new building project? Yeah, me too. Help Station North become more sustainable by entering the Station North Bike Rack Competition.

Entries due Friday, November 7th. Full details here.

1the LEED credit is actually only available if the bike rack is large enough to accomodate bikes for 5% of office building occupants, along with a changing room and shower for .5% of occupants. If it's a residential building, you're going to need a rack large enough for 15% of occupants, but you can skip the shower. The Station North competition actually has nothing to do with LEED at all, I was just reminded of it earlier today by Boyer, who has a new blog, of this we are sure.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, LEED is a bit flawed because it encourages all of these green "add ons" rather than just encouraging responsible design in general.

sevensixfive said...

I agree it's flawed, and kind of silly, but it's probably the best we've got for now.

Alex said...

it's not actually a LEED credit, it's a point towards getting a LEED credit. my wife is an architect, she felt i should clarify this for you.

sevensixfive said...

D'oh. Your wife is correct, Alex. I'm lucky that wasn't on the exam.

LEED seems to have a lot of unnecessarily unclear terminology: credit/point, and also accredited/certified. As we say: 'buildings are certified, people are accredited'. But if buildings aren't accredited, why are credits applied to them?