Monday, June 02, 2008

Early Summer Links: IA and Bike Tours

Busy is still Good ... sort of. The bike tour was a success, because nobody got killed. There were some hairy moments involving exit ramps, open grated drawbridges, dirtbike drivebys, and blind turns into unmarked deer paths. We still haven't found The Lost City of Masonville, and we were disappointed that the rumored weekend warriors from City Planning failed to show. But nobody got killed.

I was reminded of it again by this invitation to Mechanicrawl: "Spend a summer day exploring the mechanical marvels along San Francisco's North Shore! See giant running steam engines, turn of the century automata, mechanical computers, an 8 foot high mechanical planetarium and more..." It's on the waterfront, and they encourage people to take their bikes. In the same vein: RIDE-Arc. "RIDE-Arc is a monthly social bicycle ride in the cool evening air with a referenced Architectural theme, mixed with some Urban Anthropology, and your own personal sense of adventure and discovery. Wonderful rides, good vibes taking you to places that shape the Los Angeles urban landscape." File Under: Things I wish I had done when I lived in LA (along with visiting the Bradbury Building.)

Aggregating some stuff from Elsewhere: To mark the closing of Design and the Elastic Mind (flash warning), archinect published a series of exhibit reviews. No comments on the archinect thread, which is pretty rare for that opinionated bunch, but it did get picked up by Adam Greenfield and Bruce Sterling. For more on Information Architecture, see this archinect thread, and this dope little mini-manifesto from Bryan Boyer. There's a bunch of interesting angles in that, and it's an area where I keep changing my mind about the particulars (what's different), but I'm more sure than ever about the generalities (what's shared, and it's definitely not space).

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