Monday, March 17, 2008

The Season of Busy

Coming up for a second to throw some quick links out there. Busy is Good, or so we keep telling ourselves ... part of the busy was this, selections from the Vernacular Formalisms series were published recently in the excellent and beautifully crafted Locus Magazine (the one with art, not scifi). There are also two prints from the series hanging on the walls of the also excellent Metro Gallery. They'll be there through the 22nd, if anyone's in Baltimore and interested in checking them out (Hi Mom!). Besides that, there is some great and diverse work in the show and the mag, including some quiet and articulate photos from D.B. Stovall, and some mind expanding drawing/collages from A.D. Loveday (lotta letters in folks' names). Vernacular is the theme, and Locus equals Local, there are only 300 of the print mags out there, so snag them up. Super excited to have a first publication and a first group show all at once, now I need a first sale to seal it up. Shoutout to Sarah and Guy and Emily and Arthur for putting it together, Baltimore art world power couples indeed.

Lots of other things in various pipes, but I also wanted to say how cool it is that Baltimore is having a Map Festival, and last but not least, an AIA lecture series that any grad school would be proud of: with Teddy Cruz, Daniel Libeskind, Greg Pasquarelli, and kicked off this coming Wednesday by none other than the Internets' own inimitable BLDG BLOG aka Geoff Manaugh.

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