Saturday, August 18, 2007

Architecture Manifesto Generator

All credit for this goes to archinect user a-f who writes:

Why not write your own manifesto? Just fill in the blanks:

Part 1, criticism of your colleagues:

In the context of A, our institutions of architecture have lost their relevance of B. Instead, the architecture avant-garde has become fully complicit with C.

Part 2, change is, in fact, inevitable:

New experimental practices of D will emerge only from E. The radicalisation of F to generate new readings of G is transforming the H into the urban laboratory of the 21st century.

Part 3, the bigger "socio-economical" picture:

The I emerging within J, are producing K. These economic and political L generate a different idea of M.

Part 4, the punchline:

Contemporary art and architecture’s task is not only to reveal N, but also to generate new forms of O.

It's adapted from one of the actual submissions recently published in Icon Magazine's 50 manifestos article. The original, by Teddy Cruz has had all the specific bits of jargon removed and replaced with metasyntactic variables.

(disclaimer: this not meant to disparage Cruz, I actually have a lot of interest in, and respect for, his work, but damn, that's an amazing string of buzzwords!)


Anonymous said...

Those manifestos are 10x funnier if you read them in the deep voice of the narrator from movie previews.

I liked the article in icon, but think it would have been better if they had more designers and fewer architects AND focussed exclusively on younger voices. The statements from people like Eisenman and Koolhaas, who have already written their manifestos years ago, are just not very interesting.

sevensixfive said...

Whenever I read anything by Koolhaas, I always hear it in the flat, ironic voice of NPR commentator Andrei Codrescu, I had the occasion to read 'Junkspace' aloud once to a group of friends, and his was the voice I used.

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