Friday, July 06, 2007

Vernacular Formalisms

A growing collection of photographs

The Punch Window
How To: put a new window in a brick wall

Aperture as a discrete figural gap in an otherwise continuous membrane, the masonry wall of a renovated rowhouse.

The Telltale Fold

The Fold reveals an incompatibility between the material properties of the medium and its intended interpretation. Formstone is applied smoothly in a semiliquid form, allowing it to flow over curved surfaces, belieing the traced pseudomasonry.

Multiple Tectonics

Two methods for framing an opening in masonry, a lintel and a jack arch, are combined. Note that the arch is purely semantic, if the structure were actually built as shown, it would fail.

Internal Rhyme
telescope house

Unity through self similarity. Proportions and relationships are maintained through scale shifts to set up a connection between the parts and the whole. Note the chimney and door/window positioning.

External Rhyme

Formal resonance connects two otherwise unrelated regimes. The existance of the other could never be inferred from the examination of any one piece in isolation.

Diachronic Indexicality

Form as the physical record of a changing process that unfolds in time. A street tree is planted in a rectangular sidewalk opening, grows beyond the limits of its confinement, and is chopped cleanly off.

Modular Variation

Repetitive units are modified to fit specific conditions. Note that some of the modules are physical (the 4'x8' size of gypsum board, the 16" spacing of studs) and some of the modules are conceptual (the maximum distance between two outlets as dictated by building code).


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