Saturday, May 06, 2006

You Must Be Logged In To Do That!

New research paper:

Myspace and Control

This paper will examine these three aspects of online community: identity, interaction, and ownership, in terms that are explicitly architectural; building on the metaphors of space and home that permeate the language used in and around these communities. The problems associated with self-representation, communication, and property on the web are seen as analogs of larger problems that are increasingly relevant in real life.



dag said...

great work guy!

Unknown said...

plz can u help me i cant go on my myspace page neither my brother to but hes girlfriend can log in

Anonymous said...

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sevensixfive said...


M@nu3l said...

yea please help me an my couzin because we can't log in into myspace!1111

Anonymous said...

You Must Be Logged-In to do That!

below is a message I sent when my other two accounts bit the dust. I created yet another account today so I could contact a friend ( now the same exact problem has eaten this new account. Luckily, I told my friend that this was probably going to happen...and to email me directly and just bypass myspace all together. You Must Be Logged-In to do That!

Google yourself sometime. Myspace has the worse track record of any app i've ever tried to use. I can't see myspace being around for any length of time. You Must Be Logged-In to do That!

Also, has anyone at myspace ever tried to use the customer support system? IT DOES NOT WORK. The automated support email that requests a photo of me holding up a sign is the funniest, stupid thing I've ever heard of. In fact, it makes me wonder if hackers have completely taken over myspace. You Must Be Logged-In to do That!

If I am unable to log in to one of the following three myspace accounts in the next 24 hours, then myspace can simply delete these accounts:
- (You Must Be Logged-In to do That!)
- (You Must Be Logged-In to do That!)
- (You Must Be Logged-In to do That!)

I know I'm going to end up never using myspace again because no human will ever read this message. You Must Be Logged-In to do That!

Also, for what it is worth, ColdFusion is just fine for an app that has one or two pages of code...and less than five users. It does not scale. If myspace is going to survive, it will be because they re-write the app in a grownup language...and they launch an acutal customer support system that is not closely tied to a black hole. You Must Be Logged-In to do That!

I'll give you my phone number....because apparently, Myspace can not afford phone service...or Myspace is just too ashamed of their app to answer any calls. Feel free to call me and explain why I should continue to try and use myspace. ###-###-#### x###

I've run out of free email I will not create anymore myspace accounts to try and use it. Fix these three, or I'm done. You Must Be Logged-In to do That!

Thank you?

You Must Be Logged-In to do That!

----- initial bug report --------------------------------------
Why am I getting a "You must be logged in to do that" error? I just created this account yesterday. I confirmed my password. Your application simply refuses to let me use it. It fails on FireFox and IE7.

The reason I created this account ( is because my main account ( has been getting the same error for over a month.

Please do not send me an automated support garbage email asking for a picture of me - that is spam. Please have human look at my two accounts to find out why I can no longer log in.

If you are working out a bug, then tell me. I'm a web developer, so I understand that no app is perfect. Our web app was started in ColdFusion, and the best move we ever made was to gut it, and rewrite it in PHP. ColdFusion will kill your company.

I am trying to connect with an old friend, so this myspace profile is important to me. Myspace has soooo much potential....but because it is unreliable, I fear that it will not even be around much longer.

Please fix my account so that I can use myspace again.

Thank you,
Some Guy

broken account #1:

broken account #2:

Anonymous said...

why does it constantly say that when i cant log in and all the information is accurate

sakura said...

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