Sunday, December 18, 2005

Recreational Urbanism: the video series

Russian kids using the postindustrial city as a real world videogame:


Bouncing off the walls of derelict housing slabs, doing somersaults over parked cars and backflips across fences to avoid doberman shepards. Not a bad way to "experience architecture". So much could be said about this as "adaptive reuse", "urban tactics", "augmented reality", "pervasive gaming", even "recreational urbanism", but the fact remains that this shit looks like pure FUN, and it makes me want to get out from behind the laptop and go run around in the nearest abandoned building I can find. On second thought, fuck it, it's too cold outside.

Found via gravestmor.

More in this vein:


French Guy uses supermarket checkout conveyor belt as treadmill, and punches real slabs of meat in the deli department, proof that Recreational Urbanism is fun in direct proportion to its illegality.

Forwarded by Susan.

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