Sunday, December 18, 2005

Mental Heuristics

A list of basic principles for thinking and acting, almost every one of these is especially applicable in a design studio environment, and together they're an incomplete, imperfect, but devastatingly effective template for a general way of being.

The list is annotated on the site, but these are the bullet points, with my own notes:

If you want something done, do it yourself.
(This is especially relevant to the production of group site models -765)

Never procrastinate anything you can do right now.
(yep. -765)

When you have several things you could be doing and don't know which to do: Just do any one of them!
(Again, self explanatory. -765)

Always assume that you will succeed.
(this is possibly the most important of all of these. -765)

If you can't find a solution, change the rules.
(A friend of mine always says: "You're breaking your own rules, man." -765)

If you cannot do anything about something, there is no point in worrying about it.
(... until you can do something about it. -765)

Do not rely on conscious decisions for speed - Just Do It.
(Easy to recognize, easy to forget, more than a just a Corporate Command" -765)

Don't try to explain away your actions for yourself.
(This is one that I would take issue with, interrogating the reasons for one's actions is almost always productive and this principle seems to contradict the next one ...)

Listen to your intuition, but do not believe it unconditionally.
(Again, self criticism, but criticize yourself after acting, Just Do It, and then think about it, and then incorporate what you've learned into the next doing. -765)


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