Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baker Artist Awards 2010

Voronoi Square Magnets, originally uploaded by sevensixfive.

Putting this out on all channels: there's now a pretty complete collection of my drawing and installation work on the Baker Artist website: link. Regular followers of this site will see a few things I've posted before, but it's great to have it all in one place and arranged in way that (kind of) makes sense. Check it out, and if you like it, vote for it. (The whole site is great actually, tons of amazing work, and a sophisticated interface and backend)

For more on the above drawing, see this explanation.


rob said...

Great stuff, Fred. The hand-generated Voronoi diagrams are beautiful (and, if you ask me, drawing through that process ought to be mandatory before architecture students are allowed to start plugging every project into pointset reconstruction).

This is kind of pedantic, but I also think it's interesting, so a note regarding Paulownia and Ailanthus: you're quite right to note the similarity between the "one large leaf" of the Paulownia and the leaf structure of the Ailanthus -- but (if I'm reading what you wrote correctly) what you refer to as a "branch" is actually a "leaf". Ailanthus has a "compound leaf", and what one would think are leaves are actually referred to as "leaflets". The key in distinguishing between leaves and leaflets is the position of distinctive structure at the base of the petiole; the leaf easily breaks cleanly from the branch at the base of a petiole, but leaflets do not break from the leaf in such a clean fashion (as the leaflets should really be understood in terms of their negative space, or the absence of the blade between veins -- a pinnately compound leaf, like Ailanthus, is a more extreme instance of the deep cuts in the blade of a typical oak leaf). All of which only serves to reinforce your point, I think, and I really enjoy following your interest in the flora of disturbed urban sites.

sevensixfive said...

That is really interesting, Thanks Rob. I didn't know about compound leaves as a separate class. It explains another thing that I like about Ailanthus: in the wintertime they drop the entire compound leaf to the ground, and the younger plants exist only as these straight bare sticks. Also, neither plant changes color in the fall, the leaves stay green as they dry up. I have those same two scanned leaves pinned over my desk, they are over a year old, brittle and crumbling, but still green.

rob said...

That's funny. There's a huge Ailanthus in the alley behind my house, and it was definitely yellow this fall. A quick browse of botanical sites shows a wide mix of opinions on whether it changes color in the fall or not, so it may be highly variable. Either way, a fascinating plant. So fully adapted to urban conditions, yet it evolved long before the conditions it is adapted to. Apparently nearly extinct in its "wild" habitat (in China).

sevensixfive said...

There's a word for exactly that kind of structure: branching and interconnecting: anastomosis. It was just coincidentally pointed out by Jessica from Nervous System in another context, you might know it already, but I hadn't heard it before. Useful.

bob said...

wow, look at that, very creative and inspiring, I wish I could design something like that

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